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/ ZAN.STYLE JHF - 12 Electric Blackhead Vacuum Extractor

SKU: 278818701

- Description:
Annoyed with blackhead and acne on your face? Or fear of the dark spots and fine lines that make your face look dull and tired?
There will be a constant battle when it comes to retaining our smooth and gorgeous skin, so you're in no way to stop the job which can give you a chance to get your youthful face back.
All of the above facial blemish problems can be readily solved with ZAN.STYLE Electric Blackhead Vacuum Extractor. Adopted with high technology to help unclog your pores and exfoliate dead skin cells, giving you a smooth skin. Try the perfect skin companion and see!

- Main Features:
- Multiple-function Remover: dedicated to treating a number of skin issues. Effectively cleanse blackhead, acne, dead skin cell as well as lessening the wrinkle. Featured the vacuum suction technology to lift sagging skin and massage, leaving the skin active and flexible, just at your own home.
- Three Skin Care Lights: the 620nm red light stands for soft care mode to restore your skin's elasticity; the 530nm green light represents brightening care mode for brightening your complexion; the 415nm blue light signifies tightening care mode that helps you secrete oils and shrink spores. Amazingly, the extractor provides 5 levels adjustable suction force and you can change them according to your skin type. Every work status can be clearly displayed on the unit of the product, letting you always know the work status during use.
- Varisized Suction Heads, Multiple Improvement Effects: supplied 10 suction heads for improving your skin - keep your skin soft and smooth. 2 silicone heads with gentle suction force is perfect for tender, thin and sensitive skin. 1 oval head can be used for tightening pores, lifting skin and promoting blood circulation. Furthermore, for another 7 round heads with different sizes features a strong and gentle suction force, just choose the one that you want to use and you will get a better skin-care result.
- Hot and Cold Compression Mode: comes equipped with the cold and hot probe that is beneficial to open and shrink pores for your healthy and glowing complexion.
- Easy to Charge and Carry: unlike other products with the disposable battery type, fitted with a rechargeable battery which ensures the machine can perform up to 2 hours on a single charge. ( The USB cable is included in the package ). We recommend that every work time is limited to 5 minutes.

- Specifications:
Model: JHF - 12
Voltage: 5V, 1A
Power: 5W

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